The Squidables Meet the Bearer of the Dark Torch

by Meet The Squidables

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released July 30, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Chapter Two: Establishing a Goal Beyong Countless Leagues
These easy treasures found
Have left me listless, mind unsound.
Though the torch my holy grail eludes
I will plan I will seek
Forgetting self, forsaking sleep
Tend to morning duties mild and meek
It's the dark torch I seek

Come gather all my finest knights.
I think the object of our quest may be in sight
Whatever dangers lurk on far uncharted isle
We'll find the torch's light at the end of endless miles

Dark forest from shore to shore
Faint light beams from its very core
The Dark Torch faintly leads the way.
Come ships, balloons. We leave today
Track Name: Chapter Three: The Island Below the Sea
Wait for the morning to come
Months of sailing, we came undone
Waterfalls in the ocean lead us on
To yon hidden island sight beyond
Balloons may lead us ships in tow
One Thousand feet below
As if propelled by destined force
We found the island of the Dark Torch
Track Name: Chapter Four: Rescinding Light
"Enter our primitive home."
Madricia guides sword-in-hand

The Dark Torch encompassing all
Saturated in its glow
Hidden cave behind waterfall. Door awaits
Wanderer guards the gate.

Realization dawns
The Dark Torch has taken all sight, blinded by its dark light

Markus goes down
Climbing up he searches all around
Warmth abounds
A wooden torch is found
Markus has found the Dark Torch.
Track Name: Chapter Five: Enter Constance
Finally we'll die
The dark torch is mine
Finally we'll die

The flame it won't ignite the cloth
Madricia, help me carry the torch inside

I will enter into the light
Feel the pain from inside
Cave behind crumbles before our eyes
Many a men died of fright

Rooster dragon, wings of bat
Paralyzed by steely glance
A deadly vision.

Madricia's guidance leads us back
Three survived the cockatrice
Constance, last of his race
Track Name: Chapter Six: The Tale of the Cockatrice
There is a world inhabited by one creature
The cockatrice, but now his world is empty
Wizards open the door precipitating his escape
Devourer of civilizations is he

The torch created to fight back these monsters
For humans are its delicacy
Under Constance control. The torch blinded all her knights
Keep the cockatrice at bay and out of sight

Track Name: Chapter Seven, Part One: And then the Wanderer Spoke
And then the Wanderer Spoke.
Track Name: Chapter Seven, Part Three: Wizards Dwell Here No Longer
Surely God would show himself then...

After hearing his words, Matricia knew the wanderers name
Before he could cast a spell, she cut him down with her blade

(Now Aarik and Lance hang with neanderthals
Teaching them things like cooking and building walls)
Track Name: Chapter Eight, Part One: Return Unwelcomed
So few now stand with me
adrift is the trust of some, the souls of most
I feel I've lost everything
I've no more use for this torch


I've unleashed a devil
A devil I cannot chase
It'd be the end of me
should we come face-to-face

Now, back here in Evely
All who were once close to me
Now question my sanity
Except the lovely


I've unleashed a devil
A devil I cannot chase
It'd be the end of me
Should we come face to face

I've unleashed a devil....
Track Name: Chapter Eight, Part Two: Sentencing
Do you deserve to die, Markus our king?
Was their lives worth what you bring?
You're unfit to roam these castle halls
Unfit to live within these walls

Markus time to try to get back down to earth

Sail on, Monster, back to earth
Take her, she's willing, for what it's worth
compensation for your decent years

Markus time to try to get back down to earth

You'll quickly die on the journey
without anything to eat or drink
You should have never come back
Take with you what's in your bag

Markus time to try to get back down to earth
Track Name: Chapter Nine: From Evely to Earth
Did we survive the journey
Or is this our souls dreaming?
Track Name: Chapter Ten: A Pleasant Life by the Sea
What a wonderful day out here in the sun
In our new concrete home
There's no place I'd rather be
Than here with you down by the sea

On the outskirts of Gillian
A kingdom where so few have been
Oh my sweet, sweet Stevia
It's like it's just you and me

Come on come on come on
Let's see the stars
I just want to hold you in my arms

Come on come on come on
Swordsmith of my dreams
Let's picnic down by the stream

The swords you make with your bare hands
The sharpest steal in all the land
but I know, knowing you like I do
They're not the most impressive thing about you

Come on come on come on
Lay down with me
No treasure can compare in Evely
To this life down by the sea
There it's like it's just you and me.

Come on
Track Name: Chapter Eleven, Part Two: The Truth of the Matter
All our friends are dead
I'm sorry, Gillian
I did this Now I witness
A world done in by Constance

I know now that I can't live in a world crumbled
by my own actions.
Should it take one thousand years,
I'll live to see this deed undone

And I hate to speak these words,
But was Aarik was right?
Constance means the world's end
Is Constance the wrath of God's might?

No, I did this. we've set sail
In Evely we'll meet Constance
Dread thickens in me as we near
As her voice grows louder in my ear.
Track Name: Chapter Twelve, Part One: Last Request
Why'd you look?
You knew what the devil could do
Though blind, should I have known?
Could I have stopped you?
What are we to do now?
What will become
Of my love?

My love
You put my loyalty to the test
My love
Yes, I'll grant your last request

My love
Our life had just begun
My love
May your light brighten the sun
Track Name: Chapter Twelve, Part Two: A Grave Task
No one else knows of your wonder.
And soon I will surely die.
So though I can't see the words
I'll write 'til the devil claims my life
Track Name: Chapter Thirteen: Rumination of Constance
No malice beared
For I'm absent of intent.
A craving has encompassed my mind
No action comes with thought.

I feel the dark torch drawing nearer.
I sensed it in Gillian, but I feel it now.
I close my eyes to it
A visceral response.

I'm outside myself
While the Dark Torch's warmth turns torrid
I feel a blade puncture as no blade should
It releases me from id

I reward my killer with a glance
but as I feel myself fade
I'm not relieved and I'm not afraid.

I just am.
I am.
Track Name: Chapter Fourteen: A King's Funeral
Rest, dear friend. You will be missed.
Be with your love, Markus
Of Evely. Our king.
May you at last find your peace.